Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our life this past year

Wow! So much has happened this past year. Dave, the kids and I moved to Provo, UT so Dave could attend the MBA program at BYU. He has been doing incredibly well, and we as a family are very proud of him. He works hard and is always on top of his studies. He has had some health issues come up but hasn't let that slow him down and is doing well. He is on the corporate finance track in the program. With his IT background and the corporate finance track it will make for a great combo.
Grace is 3 1/2 now and is growing so fast. She is my sweet beautiful little ballerina. She loves her dance class and her ice skating lessons. She loves playing with her little brother Matthew. I can hardly believe that next year she will be in preschool. She saw that her cousins were in school and now is just dying to go. This year I just wasn't ready to let her go. I wanted another year with my little girl. I think it was a good decision. I have enjoyed the time with her and watching her grow.
Matthew is 16 months and that boy is going to be trouble! Ok, not really, but I have caught him doing some mischievous things. For example, playing in the toilet water (sometimes Grace forgets to get the idea), hiding the remote controls, pulling out all his clothes out of his drawers (and I do mean all), and then there's always playing in the dog's water bowl and food. I haven't seen him eat any of the food, and truthfully I don't want to know. But one thing is for sure, this little boy is just the cutest. His sweet blue eyes and beautiful smile just light up any room. He has brought such a wonderful spirit to our home. Our family wouldn't be complete without him. I treasure the rare nights when he will sit on my lap with his special blankets (wont leave his crib without at least two) and rock-a-bye with me.
As for me, I am adjusting slowly to the Provo life, but am grateful to have extended family members around to make that adjusting easier. I have enjoyed taking a french cooking class and look forward to more, when I can fit it in that is. I continue to make up new recipes and someday I hope to make them into a cookbook. I love being with the kids. They are so sweet, even when some days are rougher than others, I still love being a mother. So happy they came to our little family.
As this year closes and a new one begins I am so grateful for everything I have. Seriously. There have been trials, but there have been big blessings that follow. I look forward to making New Year resolutions. Specifically I will continue to make healthy lifestyle changes. I am coming to understand that it's no longer a diet that I need to be on, but a healthy life that I need to form and keep going. I love my life, and I look forward to see what the year brings us.
Happy New Year
Love, The Boyd's