Friday, May 4, 2012

Here's the update!

We did it! Dave graduated in April with his MBA, we moved to Portland, OR where Dave will be working at Intel, and had a new sweet baby boy Christian. A lot has happened but hopefully we will be settling into a more consistent routine. Although it's good to be starting a new chapter in our life, I must say I miss my sister like crazy! I was so glad I got to be with her the past two years. Such a wonderful thing that I will remember forever!
My kids are excited to be in the new house and make new friends. Although Grace really misses her dear friend Ella. They met in their dance class, and had preschool together as well. Those two were two peas in a pod. Hopefully we will have them visit together soon. Matthew is into observing the new house and the surroundings. He is such a sweet boy. He always has a fun story to tell me. One night he came down and told me about the clouds he saw, with "booms" and a dog outside, that was Patrick's(our dog) friend. I couldn't understand what he meant by booms. I thought maybe lightening? Then Dave realized Matthew was talking about balloons. I love that kid and his creative mind. Christian is such a sweet boy. Super feisty and super cute! He loves to just be snuggled. He is probably the biggest snuggler out of all the kids. Can't wait to see his personality develop more and more.
We love our home and are so excited to get going with this next chapter in life! Hopefully I can keep up!

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Brittany and Everett said...

Emily you are beautiful and as always inspiring to me. I love that picture of you and Dave.
I feel so awful about this, not only because I was the new mom's coordinator but also because I am your friend, but I don't think I realized that you had your beautiful baby boy until now! Maybe it is because my own head seems to have come off this past while with our own crazy lives and anyway no excuse I am simply sorry and want to say congratulations and please forgive me and my pity of a brain lately. I hope your delivery and recovery went well.
Brittany Crane